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July 7, 2016

How to choose the right location and business property to rent or buy

One of the biggest issues for any business is cash flow. Whether it s a new business or a well established one, there will always be costs most notably staffing and rent. Staffing costs are a matter for another post, in this post we want to drum down and look at how to choose the right office building for you. Austin Texas is currently a hot bed of business activity and growth. As a consequence  Austin office space for rent  is at a premium, but that doesn’t mean you should be rushed into renting a property. While an office and its location may not be quite as crucial to your long term business as a retail outlet, it is still important to be central, and be in an area where staff will want to work. Should you ever need to bring a client back to your office for a proper business meeting you also want the office to look presentable and provide a good impression of the company. Here are a few other things you might want to consider – Cost As was mentioned above, the rental cost of your office could end up being one of your highest overheads, so it is important to ensure that you get a great deal at the start of your lease. Do some research and find out the comparative prices of other properties. Don’t get obsessed with one specific property and lose control of the financial aspect. When all is said and done, this is simply a base for your business and you don’t want it to become an anchor around your neck. Telecommunications In this day and age, there are  very few businesses that don’t need to be on the Internet. It is therefore really important that you check the location for internet speed and reliability, as well as cell phone signal strength. It would be a disaster to move into an office, only to find your cell phone had no reception. Transport Links This will be more relevant in certain areas than others, but for the purposes of recruiting and retaining staff, it is certainly worthy of consideration. Even if public transport is not an option, are there sufficient parking spaces for the office, and will your staff feel safe coming to and from work. Find A Great Commercial Real Estate Broker Perhaps the most important decision of all is to find yourself a good commercial real estate agent. The role of any good agent should be to ensure you find the property that best suits your requirements. Spend time discussing what you need and ensure that the agent fully understands your requirements. If they continue to send you to look at offices that don’t suit your requirements, then it is probably better to cut your losses and find another agent. Remember you are the client, you are the one spending the money, and you deserve the best service possible.
May 16, 2016

Andrea Allan 254 Lyons Plains Rd. Weston, CT.

I have a file 2″ thick of everytime I called PHH Mortgage Mt. Laurel NJ during a 9 month period.  Finally fed up, frustrated and going through all my savings at the same time, and facing my business doing half the business it used to.  I wrote PHH Mortgage and Fannie Mae a letter letting them know that enough was enough and i C.C’d TV Channels, DIane Feinstein, Howard Berman, Bernark Franke, Joe Bide, and Obama. Three Hours later i received a call that i now miracusily Qualified for a Home Modification.  Only to find out in 4 months that it was an illegal Home loan Modification because it didn’t include my house taxes.  Phh Paid my house taxes and forced me into a foreclosure. I’ve lost my business, my home, and am in debt.  Also PHH sent in negative 9 times to Experian , Trans Union, Equifax during the time I was waiting for PHH to evaluate my financials before the modification.  Let’s not forget the misleading rumor that spread like wild fire , that in order to qualify for a home loan modifcation you had to be 3 months in default.  I’ve sent my letters with copies of my modification before giving up my home to FDIC, Securities & Exchange Commission, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and a multitude of other government departments.  I received letters from most that “THEY have no Juristican over Mortgage Servicers. But what about Fannie Mae who owns my home, and was bailed out by our GOVERNMENT shouldn’t they be employing a company that is “PRO-Public”.  In September of 2008 my fico score was 801 I had no debt. my business was booming. 10 days after closing escrow the stock market TANKED, it shook up the people and my business starting to drop., and all the negative blog sites dedicated to people writing in their horror stories is great,  but we now have to take it to the next level.  We need to have an email revolution, by reaching out to everyone on these blogs, orgs, and send it into every government/ TV media/ Newspapers and magazines.  Until we bring the banking industry to court and limit their lobbyists, limit how much power they have.  Because they’re controlling our economy and erasing middle class.  They’ve pulled off the biggest Ponzi scheme, making Bernie Maddof look like a cartoon character.

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