Michael H. Quay Pahoa, HI

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December 16, 2013
April 25, 2014

Michael H. Quay Pahoa, HI

Recently I agreed upon a re-payment plan on my VA load through USAA (broker)/GMAC. I was notified that it was unlikely that they (GMAC) would foreclose but they could. I was turned down in December 2010 for a loan modification because “I was not 3 payments behind.”

I was just turned down again in Feb. 2011 because now “I cannot make the payments” of a loan modification “because I do not make enough money,” which IS NOT TRUE!

I contacted USAA/GMAC this past Tuesday, March 1; as part of my weekly check-in to make sure things were going alright. The week prior (week of Feb. 21st) I talked with personnel in USAA-Bankrupcy and I was told it was “highly unlikely” I would be foreclosed on because: 1. I had an “approved” repayment plan to catch up the 3 payments I was behind on

2. They (USAA) had VA loans through USAA/GMAC that were 9 payments behind and that GMAC had not foreclosed on.

Imagine my shock when I called YESTERDAY to find out that USAA/GMAC (really it is GMAC) had referred my mortgage over to a law firm in Honolulu (I live on the Big Island of Hawaii) to begin foreclosure procedures. When I asked how can they do that to me when USAA Bankrupcy said there are loans out there 9 payments behind and they are foreclosing on me on only 3?

His response was: “Well, you know, it is like when the police pull someone over for speeding and they ignore others.” So I said to him, I am getting a speeding ticket for going 30 over the limit while they are ignoring people going 90 over the limit. He said YES that was their prerogative.

I asked him to explain the logic of this and he could not. Fortunately, through my Pre-Paid Legal Services (PPL), I had already been referred for a free consult with a bankrupcy attorney that I am meeting with  March 8th (next Tuesday).

I am still in shock and it seems like a nightmare! ONLY THREE PAYMENTS behind and I also had an “APPROVED” PLAN to repay the 3 payments that were in arrears. I further told him that I hope the people who made this decisions do not go to church on Sunday and call themselves Christians for their behavior is totally UN-CHRISTLIKE!

THANKS for your ear. I was an economics undergrad major where I learned (at a distance) how the big banks and financial institutions both built and screwed over America. Now I am the one getting “SCREWED!”

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