About this Site

iHome Preservation Network (HPN) was founded in an effort to educate and inform the public about issues relating to foreclosure and the financial crisis in America, and to expose the individuals and entities that are working against the public interest.

The HPN community provides resources in the form of information, news articles, homeowner stories, vetted service providers, foreclosure advocates and journalists. Several of the most knowledgeable and well respected experts collaborate on HPN in a single collective effort to assist and educate homeowners and consumers.

Additionally, HPN provides resources  and potential solutions to homeowners faced with foreclosure and issues relating to foreclosure.


Millions of homeowners facing foreclosure have experienced the biggest crisis since the Great Depression. The problem of illegal and unfair foreclosure has been made worse by large-scale failures on the part of this country’s banks and mortgage servicers. In addition, government efforts to limit the damage have fallen woefully short of any real help.

In 2009, the Obama administration created Making Home Affordable (HAMP), a $75 billion foreclosure prevention program focused on reducing the monthly mortgage payments of struggling homeowners. But, as the press and multiple blogs have reported in countless articles, posts, and stories it has been a significant failure – not providing tangible relief to the majority of those seeking its aid. Banks and servicers whose participation in the program were integral to its success have flagrantly broken the rules with impunity as the government neglected holding any accountable. Recently, federal banking regulators and Attorneys General have tried to force some of these changes after widespread revelations last fall that servicers were regularly filing false affidavits signed by so-called “robo-signers.” They found that the companies weren’t properly evaluating homeowners for loan modifications and were wrongly foreclosing on countless homeowners.

Over the years, as a result of the economic meltdown and the housing crisis of 2008 – 2009, several individuals have taken it upon themselves to investigate this crisis, write about it, and help homeowners in any way they can. The majority of these bloggers are unpaid journalists who have worked tirelessly to inform and educate the public and lawmakers of the systemic issues behind millions of homeowners losing their homes through no fault of their own.

The alarming shortcomings of governmental responsibility created a need for an evolution in how aid is obtained for victims of this systemic crisis. HPN was created to fill this void by providing a platform dedicated to the collaboration of those directly affected and the growing number of advocates, groups and organizations designed specifically to assist them.
Collaboration being key to the ultimate survival of a nation’s displaced and denied, HPN bloggers, attorneys, service providers, and homeowners to inform, educate, and collaborate in our collective effort to fight unfair and fraudulent foreclosure practices across the United States.
Attorneys and service providers:
Attorneys and service providers (fraud investigators, forensic accountants, NPV professionals, financial advisors, etc.) are welcome to register on this site. These professionals are subject to the scrutiny of the community and existing members and peers. We encourage you to blog on the site in an effort to inform the public about foreclosure fraud and about your services. Above all, we encourage you to discuss this issue amongst yourselves in an effort to better serve your clients. We will do everything we can to facilitate communication and cooperation.
With homeowners in mind, this site was designed to address the myriad of issues that arise from this devastating crisis. If you are having difficulties finding legal help or advice, this site is designed to provide you with tools and information you can utilize for networking with others struggling with similar situations, and professionals who can lead you in the right direction. Throughout this crisis, the onlilne informational-sharing process has been instrumental in assisting those in need – and giving them a platform to be heard.